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• 5/28/2018

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• 9/7/2015


So, I found this wiki. Looks good.
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• 8/25/2015

Venture LEGO Minifigures

I know you know about these if you go on CPPW, but if not, here:

Robert Clip Terrence Tyler Zoe Florence
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• 8/18/2015

Venture Reenactment Sign Ups!

Go on because you can sign up for Venture Reenactments! Though I will need someone to be Terrence and Tyler.
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• 8/17/2015

Dragon Monarchy Roleplay Sign Ups!

There was once a place called Cuckoo Land with a monarchy called Dragon Monarchy blah blah blah. King Sebastian was transformed by Eyeangle blah blah blah. The gods fought back against Eyeangle but died blah blah blah. People are on a journey to kill Eyeangle and I know you do not care about any of this blah blah blah.
Other stuff:
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• 8/16/2015


this is for a badge

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