A transcript of the movie.

Transcript Edit

CJ: Wake upppppppp! Its morning!

Millie: Shut up CJ! (checks clock) Its only 6:00 in the morning

CJ: But we all wake up at 6:00

Millie: Its not even school today. It's Saturday!

CJ: Even when its the weekend Millie!

Mum: Millie, Mr. Rails just get up!

Millie and Mr. Rails: Fine Mum, we'll get up.

CJ: Lets go check what Ernie is doing. ( Opens curtain)

( Picture Goes To Ernie)

Ernie: Now we will put this here and that there and ummm.. This there. ( Writes with pencil)

Millie: What on earth is he doing.

Mr. Rails: I'm having a nap.

CJ: Millie lets go to the skatepark.

( CJ and Millie get their skating stuff and leave)

Ernie: WOAH! That is absolutely GIGANTIC haha!