Diva Killer is an FPS arcade game where you shoot divas to giblets with an M1991 pistol.

Gameplay Edit

You are in the Pet Shop at night and divas are gonna open the door and break in so you have to look for treasure chests which has a 1/16 chance of giving you nails and planks to board up the doors and windows or you can put coins you earn by killing divas in a treasure chest that will instantly give you nails and planks. You can also get weapons from the treasure chests. Additionally, there is a 1/16 chance that a tattered stuffed bunny missing and eye and ear with red patches on it's stomach and arms to represent scabs, with an evil clown laugh playing if you get it instead of a weapon or nails and planks. Weapons include grenade dischargers, guns, and flamethrowers. Sometimes, divas can survive getting shot and will simply get a leg torn off and will still be alive. The game ends if you get touched by a diva as you die.