Doyon Want get a Goblet of Beer? is a bar in Venture and in Club Penguin. It is illegal for Pookies to go there except for in the Club Penguin Mall where it is legal and Pookies can drink alcohol, though they also serve soda, but it is overpriced because it has no alcohol in it.

Drinks Edit

Beer $1

Vodka $5

Rum $2

Soda $1,000,000

Exterior Edit

The exterior looks like a cylinder shaped silo, with doors covered in rust.

Interior Edit

It looks like a normal bar with a high ceiling. The stools are rusty and the bathroom is surprisingly 100 feet away from the bar. Upstairs there is an arcade with T and M rated games.

Arcade Games Edit

Street Fighter: Look up Street Fighter.

Mortal Combat: Look up Mortal Combat

Diva Killer: A first person shooter with realistic graphics where you shoot Divas to giblets with an M1991 pistol.

Venture The Arcade Game: A demo of the console version of Venture but with Sega Genesis graphics.

Civilian Ninja: You chop civilians in half with different swords(combat knife, machete, etc.) while avoiding dynamite.

Laser Tag: Not an arcade game but rather a normal game of laser tag, you shoot people with lasers, but this time you have to shoot apart a giant space snake coming out of a meteorite.

Reception Edit

Mr. Llewen, "The worst critic ever who never gives anything 10/10", gave Doyon Want get a Goblet of Beer? an 8/10, while on the Nebag Debag Critics Site all users and critics gave it a 10/10.