This is a story of a biggy called Kyle Hollister moving to Normington and more

Chapter 1: About Kyle Edit

Hello, my name is Kyle Hollister. I am going to tell you about moving to Normington.

As a pookie, I really wished to changed colors and be a biggy and here i am now! I lived in Penguinsborough and I really loved it there!

I absolutely love watching TV, playing on my computer, and lots of things. My favourite show is Fairly Odd Teachers and CJ's Terrific Underground. Also, I love my friends so much! Like Alex or Fredrick.

I am 11 years old and just changed colors 3 years ago. I have a 3 year old little sister called Rosie and 4 year old twin brothers called Harry and Harrison. This is my life!

Chapter 2: Moving Day! Edit

Kyle's View Edit

" Kyle just hurry up!" my mom shouted. " MOM! I GOTTA GET MY STUFF!" I yelled. " Wait for mwe! Mwe had to pwack my twoys!" Rosie said. We drove to Penguinsborough Airport. Rosie was screaming her head off. So was the twins because they never had been on a plane before. I have been on a plane plenty of times so I took out my computer and played on it

Chapter 3: Arriving at Normington Edit

Kyle's View Edit

After one day, we finally arrived at Normington. It wasn't as good as Penguinsborough. So went we got to our home and I was shocked at the home. It was like horrible and disgusting. Well, I had to get used to it so I listened. My room was little, very little. I unpacked my stuff into my room and it was soon dark. I got into my pajamas and set my alarm clock and went to sleep.

Chapter 4: A Very Weird Letter Edit

Kyle's View Edit

It was morning, so I got up and got ready for today. I chose my clothes ( a t-shirt and some trainers) and went downstairs for breakfast. " Kyle, woo gwot this lwetter fwom the postbox!" Rosie said. " Oh, thanks!" I replied and that letter said

To Kyle Hollister

You are going to Normington High School! You will need lunch money, a bag, a water bottle and a pencil case.

From Miss Hughes ( Headteacher of Normington High)

" Well? Are woo excited!" Harry asked. " I guess I am excited." I replied. I actually wasn't excited. A few hours later, it was bedtime.

Chapter 5: Not Ready for Normington High School Edit

Mumu's View Edit

Kyle woke up like crazy today. He wasn't ready for his new school at all! I kept telling that 11 year old to wake up and pulled his blankets off him. " Hey!" he yelled. So, he liked Penguinsborough high school so why won't he liked his new one. Harry, Harrison and Rosie were waiting for their breakfasts so I told Kyle to get dressed into his new uniform. 5 minutes later he had his breakfast and went to watch TV. Kyle's school bus came and he nearly missed that bus! Good thing he got onto it so Kyle can tell me about school.

Chapter 6: Normington High School Edit

Kyle's View Edit

I went on the bus and saw some Normington children. They all laughed at me because I told them I was from Penguinsborough. " Penguinsborough is so rubbish, everyone smells there!" one child said. Another said " Lots of poor penguins in that old stupid town!". I felt that I wasn't gonna have a nice day today. Class started and I got my books out. My new teacher was called Miss Hampson and she told me to introduce myself to the class. " I am Kyle Hollister, I have just moved from Penguinsborough to here and I have 3 little siblings called Harry, Harrison and Rosie," I said. Everyone started laughing. " PENGUINSBOROUGH, FAT KID!" one child said. I felt like a loser and I didn't like Normington High School. When I got home, I was so upset.

Chapter 7: Traffic Jam Edit

Kyle's View Edit

When I got home, mumu told us we are going to the pizza parlor tonight. Penguinsborough pizza parlor sold lots of delicious pizzas. Even for puffles. There was a accident in Normington Way so there was a big traffic jam. I was bored. Mumu was beeping her horn at other cars, Harry and Harrison were having their tantrums and Rosie was kicking my seat. Even though I was bored, I turned on my MP3 player. We finally reached the pizza parlor. However it was closed.

Chapter 8: The New TV Edit

Kyle's View Edit

The next day, I wanted to watch TV but there was no Pengy Network or Star TV. I told mumu but she had a idea. " I looked up TV just for children in Normington!" she said. That was cool so I downloaded Normington TV. It took 15 minutes to download. I was going to put on Normington Biggies but Rosie wanted on Normington Pookies. Mumu suggested we go to the park.

Chapter 9: Normington Park Edit

Mumu's View Edit

I had enough of Kyle and Rosie argueing so I took them to Normington Park. It is just so nice to have a skatepark for Kyle and children like him. He just loves to skate. Rosie, Harry and Harrison just love the pookie park because of that climbing frame. Well, Kyle just loves skating. However, Rosie wants to skate but shes far too young. Suddenly, I heard a BANG! A child was screaming in pain and that was Kyle.

Chapter 10: Injured Kyle Edit

Kyle's View Edit

I told some children at the skatepark I was from Penguinsborough so they beat me up. Mumu, Harry and Harrison rushed over to me. I had one bruise on my forehead so we went home. Mumu checked me up and I was ok. A few minutes, I had a really bad headache so I watched some CJ's Terrific Underground and I was better.

Chapter 11: Skyping Fredrick and Alex Edit

Kyle's View Edit

The next day, I was aloud to download Skype and guess who was on Skype..... MY BEST FRIENDS, FREDRICK AND ALEX! I skyped them and they were online! " Hello Kyle, why don't you come visit us anymore?" asked Alex. " Well, my family moved to Normington and... please don't be mad!" I replied. " We are not mad at you Kyle! Normington is beautiful!" smiled Fredrick. " I'm glad you guys still like me! Everyone bullies me in Normington and I don't like it. I want to go to Penguinsborough!" I sighed.

Chapter 12: Getting Grounded Edit

Kyle's View Edit

It was already dinnertime so I came down. It was spinach for lunch and I absolutely hate spinach so I decided to kick myself off ( have a moan). " Ugh! I hate spinach!" I sighed. " Ok, you can leave it!" replied mum angrily. I came to watch CJ's Terrific Underground but Rosie came in and turned on Turtle Tots. I was so angry I picked her up and threw her. This time, Harrison saw what happened at told mum, " MUMU!!! KYLE THREW ROSIE!". " KYLE HOLLISTER GO TO YOUR ROOM!" mumu yelled. " What have I done?" I thought to myself

Chapter 13: Running Away Edit

Kyle's View Edit

I stayed in my room for the night. I was so bored, I tried to think of something. I then came up with a cool idea. Return to PenguinsBorough of course! I packed all my stuff and set off. I walked down the streets of Normington and I saw a path leading to Normington Airport. " Woohoo! Don't worry Alex and Fredrick i'm coming home!!" I shouted to myself.

Chapter 14: Worried Mumu Edit

Mumu's View Edit

It was the next day and I woke the 3 pookies up. I went into Kyle's room to see if he was awake but in surprise all his stuff and him WERE GONE! I was so worried saying to myself, " Why did I ground Kyle!". " He might of gone bwack to pwenguinsborough!" said Rosie. " Yes, lets go to Normington Airport!" thought Mumu. They all went to the airport to pick up Kyle.

Chapter 15: Home Sweet Home! Edit

Kyle's View Edit

I boarded the plane to Penguinsborough. Home Sweet HOME! I got off at penguinsborough airport and looked for home. I came onto Snowy Way and there I was! I opened the door to my old home and hugged every piece of my home. I heared a knock on the door. It was Rosie, Harry, Harrison and Mumu were there. I began to cry. " I just miss home mumu don't be mad! All my friends and the TV shows. Even I miss high school and more!" I cried. " Oh, Kyle we are not mad at you. I miss TV too and Penguinsborough pre-k, primary school, high school and college!" replied Mumu. " We mwiss the pwayground where twhere was bwig slidy hill!" smiled Harry and Harrison. " Iwe mwiss Rainbow stwars pre-k where iwe mwet alot of fwiends!" laughed Rosie. " See, we all miss penguinsborough as much as you do!" said mumu and we all hugged.

Chapter 16: Life Now Edit

I wrote this life about me.

I am now 15 years old and in College. I miss Mumu ( who is now 36), Harry and Harrison ( Who are now 7), and Rosie ( who is now 6). Alex and Fredrick are so happy I am back in town! I have adopted a pink puffle called Wisteria and she would absolutely love to meet my family.

My family is fun and my mumu just picked another pookie called Everest and she is 2. I am so glad Rosie is now a big wista :).

My siblings have grew up really well!! Here is my life now!

Chapter 17: Coming back from college Edit

Kyle's View Edit

It was the day everyone from college came back. This was the first time I ever met Everest!

Trivia Edit

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