Fiona's World is a TV-G educational show for pookies that teaches kids about daily life lessons. It is a parody of Caillou, but Fiona isn't a whiny brat, though she asks many questions, just like Caillou.

Plot Edit

It is about a 6 year old pookie named Fiona Pines who is facinated by the world around her. She lives in a 3-story igloo with her mumu Jane, her dada David and their uppie Snowy. Fiona goes to Pre-K with her friends where she learns new things each day. The series has 5 seasons with a 7th one set to release New Year's 2016.

Characters Edit

Major Characters Edit

Fiona Pines - A 6 year old who the series centers on. Fiona is a kind, curious girl that works well with others. She is always ready to make new friends and lovs learning new things everyday. She has big dreams for the future. It is revealed in the episode 'The Scary Peek' that Fiona is petrified of heights.

Jane Pines - A 30 year old who is Fiona's mother.

David Pines - A 29 year old who is Fiona's father.

Snowy - Fiona's uppie.

Minor Characters Edit

Fiona's Playmates Edit

Vanessa - A 4 year old who doesn't like loud noises. It is revealed in an episode that she has Leukemia. (This is not ment to be offensive in anyway.)

Rose - A 5 year old who has a habit of not listening. She spends her time mostly out of the classroom, for she needs special education to break her habit of not listening.

Josh - A 6 year old who is Fiona's best friend. It is revealed in 'Meet My Friends' that Josh has Type 1 Diabetes. (not ment to offend)

Ivy - A 7 year old who is a bully.

Matthew - A 2 year old who mostly spends time in the nursery with the other babies.

Zachary - A 5 year old who likes dogs.

Fiona's Family Edit

Grandma Monica - An elderly penguin who is Fiona's grandmother.

Grandpa Louie - Another elderly penguin who is Fiona's grandfather

Cerise - A 16 year old who is Fiona's cousin.