Gretchen Butterfly and Friends is a TV show that airs on Star TV and Candy Cat's Network every day at 11:00 for Star TV, and every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m on Candy Cat's Network. It is about Gretchen Butterfly (the mascot of Star TV) going on adventures with her friends Candy, Sammy, Star Butterfly, and Paige. They all have nicknames, and they are:

  • Gretchy (Gretchen Butterfly)
  • Canders (Candy)
  • Sassy Sammy (Sammy)
  • Star B Fly (Star)
  • Puga (because Paige loves pugs)

Trivia Edit

  • Gretchen Butterfly, the main character is the mascot of Star TV
  • Paige is German/Canadian.
  • Desserts Are Usually The Villians When They Come To Life.
  • Sammy is from Alaska, and her ancestors are Japanese, which makes her Alaskan-Japanese.
  • Candy likes burgers.