Pengy Playhouse is a channel on the PengDirect Network. It is aimed at pookies ages 1-6, and some 7 year olds like it too! it features lots of shows for pookies.

Programming Edit

It's most popular show is "Puffle Playground". Others Include:

  • Bunny Barn
  • Hannah the Pookie and Friends
  • Turtle Tots
  • Magical Mermaids
  • Wolfie World
  • Fairy Forest
  • Kitty Cat Cul-de-Sac (Kitty Kingdom spinoff)
  • Kitty Kindgom
  • Uppie Underground
  • Pre-K Lunch Ideas for Kids (Halftime short, appears during commercial breaks)

TV Specials Edit

  • Teddy Town - Eddy Teddy's Birthday
  • Bunny Barn - Bella's Preformance
  • Turtle Tots - Zachary's Great Adventure to Thailand

WIP Edit