Pengy Playhouse is a channel on the PengDirect Network. It is aimed at Penguins at the of ages 1-6, and some 7 year olds like it too! It features lots of shows about killing Pookshits.

Programming Edit

It's most popular show is "Puffle Hellground". Others Include:

  • Bunny burn some Pookshits
  • Killer Pukie!
  • Beat them all!!!
  • Magical Monsters VS Pookshits
  • Pookiemon, gonna kill/rape them all!
  • Mark of the Wolves
  • The Flesh Eater
  • Fairy Forest
  • Hell Cul-de-Sac (Hell Kingdom spinoff)
  • Hell Kindgom
  • Uppie Hellground (showing uppie being eye-gouged. torn off nad more!)
  • Pre-K Torture Ideas for Kids (Halftime short, appears during commercial breaks)

TV Specials Edit

  • Teddy Carnage - Eddy Teddy's Birthday
  • Bunny Barn - Bella's Preformance
  • Falcon's Idea
  • Karako VS Destroyah
  • Turtle Tots - Zachary's Great Adventure to Thailand
  • Destroyah: The Return Of Destructo-Bots
  • Christmas Ultima
  • Richie Vs Pukies: The Plan
  • Richie Kills Pukies
  • Richie Kills Pukies 2
  • Falcon Dashes In!
  • Richie Kills Pukies 3