Pengylodeon is a channel based on the real life channel Nickelodeon, that is joined with Pengy JR., Pengy Teens, Pengy Uppies, Pengy LOL, Pengy Education and Pengy Adults.


It's current logo. Used from 2013- present

The Mascot Edit

The mascot of the channel is called Bluenguin. He got a new design during the new rebrand. In the new rebrand he looks like the 2013-present version of a cp penguin. While in the first rebrand, he looked like the 2010-2011 version. 

Pengylodeon Old

The first logo ever used. Used from 1999-2013

Shows Edit

  • Misty and Friends
  • Anna and Friends
  • LOL! (7 minute shorts)
  • The Fairy Spell
  • Witch Delight
  • Island of Mezaa
  • Lily's Quest
  • Skaters 
  • Pop Princess sisters