Richard Leonardo (full namebirth: Richard Leonardo of Nondomia), better known with his official nickname as "Richie" ("Riki" for the Green People or "Raey-Chàrk" for the Agerlarnians) is a hero from Nondomia who loves to cause sometimes pranks and ruckus/quarrels but also fighting, his thirst of battle always grows! In his country, Richie is one of the most skilled and intelligent heroes when it comes to solving problems or enigmas. Richie is willing to help Club Penguin Island to destroy the enemies of cringe and cancers known as: The Pukies! Or Pookshits, what ever...

Biography Edit

Richie was very a terribly annoying brat back when he was a youngster. He was acting like a spoiled brat and wanted video games, being hyperactive. He did not like school and often throws tantrums at the teachers and directors, even his own parents. Until one day, Richie saw a match of boxing and karate, he decided to be a warrior. His parents decided without hesitating to make Richie into dojos and high training. On this day, love when fighting, beating other fighters in Junior Tournaments. Richie was above the average ratio of every kids: intelligence, strength, skills, endurance, agility, knock back power, speed, techniques, etc. Richie begins with Boxing, for the punching basics and jabs, all the stuff and even going to watch videos to learn what the "pros" uses. But after, he went for Taekwondo because he saw kicking is important too for reaching long distances to your enemy.

Powers, Skills and Abilities Edit

Richie beyond any level of what normal humans can be capable, such as lifting a car or kicking a Hard Kick Ball, sending in the stratosphere with ease and tanking bullets from 10 AK-47 around him. Richie has also been into deep accidents so his body was modified with metal implants for enhancing his stats and advanced meta-boosts for his powers.

All of his 5 senses are upgraded to levels that even regular beings cannot achieve. Richie also developed a 6th sense so he can predict attacks from any directions like behind him or sensing invisible objects/enemies, being able to see trough walls made of solid concrete.

Richie's PL (meaning Power Level, to determine someone's limit of energy power) when he started to beat other kids in schools without doing combat sports or martial arts was estimated to be at least and around of 36.4-39.06, which is quite enormous for a kid of 6 years old back then (the average kids of his age have at least a PL of 7.5-10 without any training).

After finishing his boxing training, Richie's PL is near to 60-62.4, which is a high upgrade for someone of his caliber. After his Taekwondo session training, Richie's level of power was at least 72,5-75.9, increasing even more over the time. After his Kickboxing training, he was at 89.70, getting more progress and during his Karate Kyokushin session Richie made it up to 99.45, he was so proud of himself from this day. However, he begin to have a thirst for power and strength, he became addicted with drugs, steroids did help him however the more he gets, the more he became violent and his PL was over 127.45, being totally buffed up.


Way before his very first operation,

Overall Statistiques Edit

Power Level: 850 (normal