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Rosetta Rebornica Schmidt Hollister is a very famous mumu, director, writer, actor, voice actor and animator in Club Penguin

Bio. Edit

She was born on May 3rd 1990 into a poor family in the Penguin Village. Her family was very poor and she

Rosetta Rebornica Schmidt Hollister
her (as of July 2015)


50,000,000 coins


José Hollister (since 2006)


Tyler Hollister (3) Juliette Hollister (also 3)

was depressed. When she was 1, she learned to make a fire. She never went to Pre-K.

In 1994, she started school. She was outstanding at drama, literacy and animation. The teachers

were amazed at her.

In 1998, she did a school play and was very good at it. The teachers were amazed again.

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Due to her family's poverty, she never went to high school or college. She really wanted to though.

She got married in 2006 to José Hollister. On April 4th 2012, she gave birth to 2 pookies called Tyler and Lindsay. She is now one of the richest penguins ever in Club Penguin. She lives in a huge igloo in New Penguin City.

Appearance Edit

She has black hair, peach skin and an orange beak. She has tattoos on her arms and she often wears white diva shades.

TV shows, movies and other stuff like that. Edit

TV shows Edit

Arf! (2002) (voice actor of uppie)

The Penguin Village Problems (2006) (writer and director)


Trivia. Edit

  • Her pookies are twins.
  • Her pookies are not adopted. She gave birth to them.