"Need a place to relax? Someplace to eat? Somewhere just to chill? Then come down to Stampy Cat Girl's Diner!"

Stampy Cat Girl's Family Diner is a famous place where Fam Fams go to eat, hangout, and relax! The owner pf the restraunt is Stampy Cat Fangirl12345. It is very popular for Fams Fams to go here.


The diner is very large. In the front, there is a sign that with the logo and the mascot, a female cat. Inside the front, there is a small bar for mumus, dudus, and biggys too! Next to that is the seating area for Fam Fams. And of course, a place to order food. To entertain pookies, there is a stage where robots entertain kids, which is a cat, wolf, and a monkey. They occasionally play songs. There is also and arcade for biggys! It is quite common to see them at the arcade. Some areas in the diner is party rooms, for pookies birthdays.

Menu: BreakfastEdit

  • Sunnyside Eggs
  • Mary's Yum Yum Pancakes
  • Crispy Waffles
  • Bacon Strips
  • Over Easy Sunnyside eggs
  • Scrambled Sunnyside eggs