The Pookie Times (fully titled "The Pookie Times: Info about caring for pookies and more!") is a magazine/newspaper in Club Penguin. It has both a magazine and a newspaper. However the magazine is the most popular.

Issue 1 Edit

Main Story - Star's Fam Fam Dinner officially open! Edit

Well, the team for The Pookie Times are happy to announce that the long awaited Star's Fam Fam Dinner has been opened!  "We hope to make a lot of famfams lives entertained, and just have fun." says the owner. We recommend going there, as it is for everyone of all ages. It is located next to the Ultimate Pookie Mall, so be ready to check it out!

~ Star Butterfly

Fam Fam Ideas Edit

Are your pookies sad? are your pookies not as happy as before? are your biggies feeling down? Well you've come to the right place. I being a mumu of 4 pookies (named Caitlyn, James, Mason, Faith), have had this experience for many years. The key here is to keep them entertained and happy. Have them watch shows like Bunny Barn, Teddy Town, Turtle Tots, any other pookie's show, and keep them happy by doing stuff they like with them! A tip is to try going somewhere with your kids, or do an activity. I'd suggest going to the Puffle Hotel. My pookies LOVE it! for swimmy, I'd suggest going to the Cove. We also suggest you'd go to Star's Fam Fam Dinner to eat for dinner, lunch or breakfast, my pookies LOVE their tacos!!

Well, that's all for this issue. Stay tuned for more!

~ Alana Parks, Mumu of 4

TV Channel Suggestions! Edit

Hey pookies and biggies! We definitely know how it feels that you watch the same thing over and over again.. You're probably tired of watching Pengy Tweens, Pengy JR, Pengy Teens, etc. Want to try something else? then try Star TV or Candy Cat's network! They are aimed for pookies, middles and biggies of all ages, and have funny and safe programming for the entire fam. We'd highly suggest you'd try 'em out.

~ Star Butterfly

Issue 2 Edit

Main Story - SVTFOE 2nd Season? Edit

Hey SVTFOE fans!! We've heard that SVTFOE might have a second season! It could possibly be a rumour right now, but if it's true, we won't spoil anything about it.

~ Star Butterfly