The Venture Channel is a channel with a mixed age appropriateness. Anytime after 6:00 AM and before 9:00 PM, the Venture Channel is appropriate for kids ages 8-13. At day, they show Finn Army seasons 1, 5, and 6 episodes and Gravity Falls episodes, at night, they show Finn Army season 2-4 and Venture episodes.

Shows Edit

Venture: Only played at night due to the fact that all episodes have gory deaths of the villains, even though the blood is green or purple, it is still too much for little kids. Also because of the language, as all episodes have one use of either b*tch, b*st*rd, a*s, g*bsh*t*, or the middle finger. Some sex, as female characters butts are shown(fully clothed, of course).

Finn Army: Season 2-4 episodes are only played at night due to massacres, nooses, shooting, and stabbing. Also because they say sh*t in some episodes and there are hidden sexual references.

Gravity Falls: Shown at day to being kid friendly(most of the time).

Bumpers Edit

Weapons Bumper Edit

Robert gets out a bunch of weapons and eventually gets out a gun with the words "The Venture Channel" on it.

Killing Bumper Edit

Robert breaks into where Clip's minions are as they eat someone's gore by shooting them in the head with green pulp, causing their corpses to spell out The Venture Channel.

Movie Night Edit

Movie Night is an event where they play a movie. All of the movies are PG-13 and TV 14, though. They show the Venture and Finn Army movies, which as I said are rated TV 14 and PG-13 by TV and MPAA, respectively.

Movie Night Bumpers Edit

Venture Bumper Edit

Robert walks into a movie theater and gets some beer and pumpkin seeds(1770s version of coke and popcorn). He then watches a war behind a glass screen.

Witch War Bumper Edit

Robert works for the underground movetheater as he walks the stairs to the underground theater, walks in one that is called "Witch War" before it starts, breaks the glass, walks into a swamp and punches a witch really hard in the face. Robert runs away really quickly and the witch ounches another, they get in a full grown melee as Robert fixes the glass and watches the "movie" with a bunch of other people.

Trivia Edit

The Venture Channel is friends with Pengy Adults, Star TV, and Candy Cat Network, paying all of them to show Venture seasons 1-5.