Trigger's Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Desert Restaurant is a restaurant where they serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert.

Breakfast Edit

Teddy Town Pancakes

Teddy Town Cereal

Regular Pancakes


Chocolate Cheerios

Dulche de Lache Cheerios

Lunch Edit

Teddy Town Pizza

Teddy Town Mac and Cheese

Dinner Edit

Teddy Town Pizza

Mushroom Soup (Mushroom Soup is from Venture)

Desert Edit

Giant Teddy Town Cookie

Teddy Town Ice Cream

Teddy Town Microwaved S'Mores

Biscuit Housecat (Feline-shaped ice cream sandwich from Alexander Dimension)

Cake (vanilla frosted cake with cherries on top, the "Lie Cake" from Venture)

Biscuits (Biscuits from Venture)

Raspberry Pi (raspberry flavored pie, the "Raspberry Pi" from Venture)

Drinks Edit

Kumquat's Juice (Kumquat's Juice from AD, which is Kale Juice with toy pisanosauruses, a troll doll, and a die in it)

Toxic Coke (Toxic Coke from Alexander Dimension. Toxic Coke is Coca Cola with toxic stuff in it. DON'T WORRY ITS NOT POISONOUS!)

Wantminny Beer (Wantminny Beer, beer made from blood, pus, hearts, and human brains)